JUNE 11 Event – Speaker Focus #1

Shawnee Finlayson (BVN)

Auto Layout: a large goal with small beginnings



Shawnee is a National Design Technology Coordinator at BVN Architecture. As a self-professed nerd she has a growing passion for implementing data-driven design processes on projects and using data analysis and visualisation to showcase their advantages. During her 7 years in the Arup Building Structures Team she continually pushed the limits of their software and practices by implementing parametric workflows on a vast range of exciting projects using Dynamo and Grasshopper. It was here that she developed an insatiable need to automate the boring tasks associated with day-to-day activities and she continues to feed this hunger for efficiency at BVN. By combining technology research, data analysis and visualisation, she hopes to establish new data driven design workflows that will have a substantial and positive impact on BVN’s projects.

Auto Layout: A Large Goal with Small Beginnings

The BVN Sydney studio has individually movable desks. The ultimate goal is to be able to do full layouts automatically, but there are a number of sub-tasks that present significant obstacles! This talk will outline what these tasks are, how they relate to each other and how we’ve solved some of them so far. Our current state is around collecting information about the status quo. The present is surprisingly hard to understand!  We’ll outline how we rebuilt the studio model using a lidar scan, how we’re tracking desks using QR codes, computer vision, beacons and harry potter, how we pass data around using raw JSON for everything, and where all this leads into reinforcement learning and GANNs.